Owned by VISHAB group, BRUPHARM is an Internationational Healthcare distributor and pharmaceutical consultant based in Madrid with more than 15 years of experience, branch offices or representatives in eighteen European, LATAM and MENA countries, and UK, USA, Canada and India.

Every day, BRUPHARM reliably provide drugs and pharmaceuticals products to more than 300 health centers and pharmacies. Product portfolio with around 18.000 references.

COVID-19 Commitment

In the face of the greatest healthcare challenge in generations, BRUPHARM is intensively working to evaluate and selected the most innovative, effective and saving-cost devices and treatments since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in partnership with strategic consultants, laboratories and manufacturers to assess your current situation and customize solutions that exceeds your immediate and ongoing needs to fight against the COVID-19.

BRUPHARM is contributing to the pandemic by making use of its expertise, network and partnerships to support hospitals and health centres, including cooperation with Governments.


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